About ADOR by Ayesha

Ayesha Malhotra ADOR by Ayesha    ADOR by Ayesha is an independent jewellery and accessories brand, founded in 2017, by Ayesha Malhotra. 

Growing up in India, where jewellery is celebrated as a thing of beauty and opulence, and of heirloom and heritage,  Ayesha's obsession with jewellery was probably inevitable! 

She longed for finely crafted pieces of jewellery but with designs that were more contemporary and wearable, and would translate to her life outside India. 

She wanted the same timelessness in design and the craftsmanship of heirloom pieces, but without eye-watering price tags! This is how she came to quit her 15 year long career in investment banking to launch her own brand of semi-precious jewellery! 

Over the past decade and a half, she had worked and lived in Hong Kong, New York and London, and she channelled these rich multi-cultural influences to create designs for the modern woman of the world, while staying true to her Indian heritage with a distinctly colourful and exquisitely handcrafted collection.  

In Hindi, 'dor' means ‘a thread that bonds’. ADOR is the wonderful link between the two countries, Ayesha calls home. The collection is Designed in Britain, and handmade in India.