Must Have Statement Earrings

Must Have Statement Earrings 

Growing up in India, my fascination for jewellery was fuelled from a very young age. Jewellery is every woman's love universally, but in India the obsession for jewels is taken to a whole new level! Jewellery is seen not just as a wonderful piece of adornment, but a financial investment and a piece of heritage, to be loved and passed down from generation to generation. 

Having grown up with this perspective, I guess it was hardly a surprise that I quit a long career in finance to start a jewellery and accessories brand!!

I love unique jewellery and I love looking for independent designers that are creating something truly special with keepsake value. So for my first blog, I thought what better topic than to share some of my favourite jewellery pieces. 

The one unmissable jewellery trend for 2017 is the statement earring! And here are my top 5 picks for MUST HAVE STATEMENT EARRINGS by a range of fantastic independent designers! 

These eye-catching pairs can take any outfit from blah to woah so check them out now!!

Fringe earrings 

My first pick is a piece by Monica Vinader, who created a line of jewellery which sits between fashion and fine jewellery. Loved by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge herself, this brand has some truly wonderful designs. 

And I love these trendy fringe earrings with labradorite stones.


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Chandelier earrings 

ADOR Jewellery is my labour of love, and the range flirts effortlessly between timeless classic and trendy designs. We work with local Indian artisans to create a beautiful range of contemporary semi-precious jewels. 

Case in point, these dazzling blue topaz earrings with the ultimate WOW factor! 



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Triple Drop Earrings 

Soru meaning sisters in Sicilian, is launched by British-Sicilian sisters Francesca and Marianna. They have a beautiful and wearable collection. 

I love their unique style and in particular these gorgeous triple drop beaded earrings which has been driving all the insta community mad!

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Beaded earrings 

Mochi is a truly distinctive brand that brings the many different cultures of the world to light. Every collection is handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces.

I love the boho chic style of these Flamenca earrings by All Things Mochi

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Hoop earrings 

This next piece is by Alighieri, a fascinating brand where each piece of jewellery is inspired by Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy' collection of poems!

And I love these fabulous double hoops which can be worn with literally anything!   

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What do you think of my list? Leave me a comment to let me know your favourites and which other independent brands you love! 



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